committee meeting

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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committee meeting

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Minute of Committee Meeting 4th September 2017


The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed all attending.


The secretary reported on the following correspondence.

Letter from the lodge’s heating engineer regarding the annual maintenance check on the boiler. Jim Laing will organize same.


The chairman advised that the Regular Meeting on Wednesday 3rd September will be a First Degree exemplification, the working team is in place, can members bring along food for the harmony. The following meeting on 20th September will be a First Degree for Dr. Chris McKinlay.

The chairman advised the committee that he had received a request from Graham Webster asking if the lodge would pay for a gift for PM Frank Wallace who is being installed into the chair of a Spanish Lodge. Following discussion it was agreed this matter would go to open lodge for approval.

The chairman also advised that PGL is now asking lodges to nominate local charities for donations and asked members to give this request consideration. He also mentioned that there are two potential candidates for the forthcoming year ahead.

The chairman updated the lodge on the large amount of work undertaken during the recess, there are still jobs to be done in the weeks ahead including the replacement of the roofing felt above the pool room and the gents toilet. Jim Laing gave an update on the estimated costs and the scale of the work required.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer reminded all that fees will need to be paid by the end of September and before nominations and elections in October.


Phil Learmonth updated the meeting on the health of Ken Martin sen. wife Pat advising she is now at home to continue her convalescence.

Dave Dewars spoke about the impending race night to be held in LodgeBroughtyCastle on the 29th September indicating that it would be good to lend our support given that there was no charge made to us for our race night held earlier this year.

There being no further business the chairman closed the meeting.